Veritas Exports

Expertise spanning over 30 years in the Trade Industry

Veritas Exports has been established since 1985. The company commenced its exports to the Seychelles Islands, and rapidly expanded to Mauritius. Today, Veritas Exports trades in all the Indian Ocean Islands, East Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Veritas Exports aims to service mainly the Francophone countries as its main target!

Veritas Exports has a strong logistics background with experience in both sea and air freight of forwarding and shipping services. This includes customs, formal transfers, total freight management, project management, specialised services such as perishable, diplomatic and time sensitive cargo, warehousing, trailer service, and strategic planning.

We appreciate cultural diversity and as such, always work with a local company in the countries concerned. We often invite Distributors / Retailers / Wholesalers to South Africa to meet with the principals and vice versa, to build upon the most important aspect of our trade: The Relationship.


Our services are based on solid foundation of trust and transparency with the Principals and the Distribution Agent in the various markets. Veritas Exports emphasizes in long term interest and long term relationships. Thus the pricing in the market is a common price. Our Job is quite simply to move product.

We work very closely with our Suppliers and Clients by advising them exactly all details that they require.

It is also our responsibility to give the manufacturer constant feedback with regard to sales, marketing activities, contracts, future products etc...

We can re-label in French, Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish.

At Veritas Exports, we are open to all enquiries and will source any products that are required.


The company initially specialised in the procurement of wines, footwear, clothing and costume jewellery in the Seychelles.

Today, we have developed tremendously and specialise in the procurement of wines, foods, timber, steel, welded mesh, building materials, mining spares to the more diversified markets. Also, opportunities from other industries have landed on our desks... eg. we are involved in the supply of maize by-products.

Veritas Exports represents several products in specific geographic regions, in many instances on an exclusive basis.

We appoint sole distributors in countries with exclusive agreement and assist with the marketing of products. It is our express philosophy to create a very strong downstream distribution network.

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